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Paper – without trees? Without water? Without chemicals?

Believe it or not, it’s possible!

Become part of the revolution with Findling®: One of the first books made entirely from stone paper! Protect the environment and relinquish the use of pulp paper! Simply use the Findling® like a usual notebook. After disposing of your filled book, it will be completely recycled using the Cradle to Cradle method developed by the Hamburg Environmental Institute.

waterproof - tearproof - environmentally friendly - revolutionary

Prove that you are open minded, active and innovative: Use the Findling® yourself, or use it as a powerful marketing tool. Help the environment and impress others with this new, unique product.


No harmful chemicals

0 trees cut

Almost a whole ton less CO2 produced

0 liters of water wasted

Production requires only 10% of the energy


Findling® is our name for a notebook made out of stone paper. Although stone paper has already existed for 20 years (see below), it does not yet have any significant presence in the field of promotional products. We want to change that because we believe in this special material.

We are meyer², German resellers, who focus on haptic promotional products. We are currently the only company in Germany that provides individual Findling®-Books - and the minimum order quantity is only 100 pieces.

The Findling® is a very versatile notebook. It is usable in adverse weather due to its special properties. That means you can take it with you for a hiking trip, for example. The Findling® is even safe from accidents in the office: If coffee gets spilled on the stone paper, you can easily wipe the stains off of it. In addition, the paper is much more tear-resistant than usual pulp paper, thus withstanding much rougher handling.

The production of a Findling® is very environmentally friendly: we don’t need a single drop of water or a single tree. We also renounce using harmful chemicals like lye, acids and bleach (which, by the way, are used even for recycled paper). We produce stone paper from two waste products: limestone flour (a remnant of quarries) and HDPE (high density polyethylene, used for drinking water pipes and made out of recycled plastic bottles). So, these materials are not wasted, but recycled for our Findling®. This is what we call sustainability.

We do not just talk, we act – Do it, too! With the Findling®!




The Findling® is made of stone paper. This idea is almost 100 years old, but the implementation took a lot longer: stone paper has only been rediscovered in the past 20 years. The Findling® is a revolutionary book that stands for more sustainability and environmental protection – exclusively distributed by meyer² Haptische Werbung.

This special material consists of a combination of limestone flour and polyethylene resin (high density PE), with a ratio of 80 to 20. The flour is actually a waste product of stone quarries. This material once polluted the environment and contaminated the groundwater – now, in combination with HDPE, it becomes a new hope for nature.
That is how easy great ideas can be.

For the making of stone paper not a single tree needs to be cut nor a single drop of water needs to be wasted. We think that trees should stay in forests and should not be processed in the sawmills of billion-dollar paper industries. Due to climate change, drinking water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource and should not be used for the production of paper – especially when there are alternatives like stone paper.

Because of the resource-efficient production, much less CO2 emissions are produced when compared to pulp paper. According to our calculations, 474 kilograms of CO2 are emitted during the production of stone paper – during the production of regular pulp paper, 1431 kilograms of CO2 are emitted.

Stone paper protects groundwater: No harmful chemicals are used during the production of this paper. This has been confirmed by the REACH certificate of the European Union, which we received for our stone paper. Even HDPE, a synthetic substance, is environmentally friendly because of its recyclable properties. By the way, almost everyone is familiar with HDPE: It is often used in the production of plastic bottles – and, thanks to the bottle deposit (Pfand) system, this substance can be used over and over again.

Another peculiarity: Stone paper is much more resistant than usual pulp paper. It is very tear-resistant, resistant to kinks and waterproof due to its special composition. Pulp paper is quickly soaked while Stone Paper remains stable.

Stone paper is a true revolution when it comes to recycling. Both of its ingredients can be completely recycled. That is why stone paper was awarded with the Cradle-to-Cradle process by the Hamburg Environmental Institute. This means: All components have a very high recyclability – from the cradle to the grave.

Stone Paper - Your Message for More Sustainability

Format: 130 x 120 mm, approx. corresponds DIN A5 format

  • incl. hardcover with silky softtouch-surface (other covers on request)
  • incl. very strong grammage (160 pages of blank stone paper 168g/m2), endpapers 192g/m2
  • incl. utility pocket with business card holder in the back of the book
  • incl. rounded edges, thread seal, ribbon and elastic closure (available in 29 standard colors)
  • incl. info part about advantages of stone paper in the back of the book (4c-printing)
  • incl. website on the back of the book (positioning is freely choosable)
  • incl. possibility to use the trade mark "saving water & wood"
  • incl. possiiblity for a preface in the front part of the book
  • incl. free design choices of the cover according to the 4c-euroscale
  • incl. one-sided embossed logo (after technical examination of feasibility)

optional: pen logo, gift box, packaging with a writing instrument (suitable writing instruments on request)

incl. professional consultation by meyer2 Haptische Werbung

price for a sample book: 16,72€/net
sale only to industrial customers and institutions

1) This book needs to be disposed in the recycling bin.
2) Not suitable to be written on with fountain pens or rollerball pens because writing fluids may leak.
3) the findling
® is water proof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.
4) Certificates: ISO 9001:2008 CNS 12681, ISO 1400:2004 und REACH are available.


Of course, stone paper does not feel like usual pulp paper because it does not contain any wood chips. The feeling is rather reminiscent of silk – a true pleasure for the hand. That is how promotional products should be. For experts: usual paper densities are 80-90 g/m². The density of stone paper is 160 g/m². This furthermore contributes to its high quality appearance.

This is the reason why the Findling® feels so special. We from meyer² put a lot of emphasis on the haptics of our products – the Findling® fits perfectly within this ideal. When you give away this stone paper book the recipient will immediately realize that this is something special. Every time they use this book they will be reminded of who gave them this book with its highly utilitarian experience.

All in all, our Findling® is not only a revolutionary book but an excellent promotional gift. This is your message: Dear customer, you are as exceptional as this book. Together we will do something good with the Findling®: We will protect the environment by renouncing pulp paper.

Act correctly – with the Findling®!


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